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Signature Concepts is a Stamp Maker from Southwest Colorado USA. We produce high quality Jewelers Stamps, Leather Maker Stamps and other marking steel stamps of the trades. Our marking stamps are made of tool steel and tempered to be used on gold, silver, copper, brass and many other metals. Our Stamp Maker shop began many years ago creating marking stamps for Silver Jewelry manufacturers throughout the American Southwest. Many of our stamps that were sold 40 years ago have been in continuous use for the duration and many are still in use today. Metal Marking Stamps from our Stamp Maker Shop are built to last and have stood the test of time to be excellent business investments for our clients. A large design stamp as shown above will cost around $500.00.

Jewelry Stamp Maker

The Jewelry design stamp above was made to make designer ring shanks for Durango Silver Company, you can see an example of what this stamp was used for by clicking on the link above.

Jewelry Stamp Maker

Signature Concepts Stamp Maker makes it easy for Jewelers to have their own makers mark stamp to stamp in each piece of Jewelry that they make. We can create a beautiful hallmark stamp from a simple line art drawing to a complex illustration from your graphic artist. Basically, all we need is the artwork and the size you want your stamp to be and our Stamp Maker will be able to create a personalized marking stamp for you. Our Jewelry marking stamps are very affordable, a typical makers stamp runs from $80.00 - $120.00

Jewelers Makers Marking Stamps

Jewelers Makers Marking Stamps

This is a typical Jewelry Logo or Markers Mark Stamp, they are usually very small and can include multiple lines of text if desired. A stamp like the one above shown in the photo will cost around $90.00

Leather Stamps

The stamp above was made to make Silver Conchos, however, it can also be made as a leather design. This stamp would cost around $140.00.

Leather Stamp Maker

Our Stamp Maker shop produces Makers Mark Stamps for Saddle Makers as well as many other type of Leather Craftsmen. We also make leather design stamps for tooling the leather, a major difference between our stamps and a typical leather stamp is ours are made from high strength tempered tool steel. Our leather stamps will last a lifetime for a Leather Craftsman.

We will have complete information and photographs on our stamps shortly. We will also have ordering instructions, procedures and payment system very soon as well. If you need immediate help, please contact Ron Harris at 970 588-3425 M-F 9:00AM to 4:00PM

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We are confident that you will find our Stamp Maker Shop will be a major asset to your business.

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